More and more people are turning to ‘natural’ therapies over pharmaceutical drugs and psychologists, hypnosis is quickly becoming a popular choice in overcoming the ailments in our lives that are inhibiting us to become the people we want to be.

An Exemplary End Result

Whether it’s to get yourself on a better path in life, to be a better entrepreneur or business person, become a happy non smoker, sleep better, overcome a fear or phobia, need more confidence in life, sleep better, be a better entertainer, a better person, want to be able to have more focus to be the best in your sporting field – hypnotherapy can help you!

And the list certainly doesn’t stop there. In brief, hypnotherapy can help you – and Mark Anthony is the hypnotist to do it!

If you have been seeing other therapists for years, talking weekly, monthly, years about your issues or problems, why?

Mark will help you get to the core of the issue or problem very often within just 1-3 sessions, resolve them and give you the freedom and release that you’ve been longing for!

My Expertise


Stop Smoking

Mark’s Happy Non-Smoker program was designed as a unique and fast way to help smokers become Happy Non Smokers without the use of pills, vaping, patches or gums, and has helped many many hundreds of people.


Health and Weight Issues

Mark’s very unique Weigh Too Easy program is a 90 day weight loss and control system, helping many clients without dieting, pills, operations, shakes, or over-exercising. With Mark’s method, there are no forbidden foods, it’s a simple step-by-step blueprint to weight loss success!



Whether you’re lacking confidence as an entertainer, in sports, as an entrepreneur, business person, school or uni, Mark can help you be super confident and ready to move to higher levels.


Blocks Stopping You

Mark has many many clients that have no self-belief, they have blockages that have been stopping them from moving on in their lives for many years, blocks that are so debilitating to them until their successful sessions with Mark.


Non Fixable Issues

Have you been told that your issue isn’t fixable, or that you’ll have to attend therapy for years, maybe the rest of your life?… Don’t listen to that! Mark has treated many many clients who have been told the same thing, only to get change through therapy with Mark and quickly! 


Self Esteem Issues