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Mark has helped many hundreds of clients for well over a decade as one of Australia’s most recognised hypnotherapists, including Tv, Radio and Sports personalities, the young, the old, Millionaires, and even Billionaires. Mark has appeared on many top tv and radio stations including Channel Sevens TodayTonight, local and national news channels, and has had many newspaper articles and stories written about him and loves to help people get rid of issues that have troubled them, potentially ruining their lives!

Mark Anthony

I use Hypnotherapy, Psychology, NLP, Timeline Therapy, and any other tool that I deem useful to help my clients move on in their lives, healthier, happier, more confident, positive, focused and more excited about their future than potentially ever before.

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Stress Buster Recording

We are all different people and different people have different ideas about what is stressful. Whatever causes your stress levels to shoot through the roof, whether it’s due to a one-off situation or long-term causes, you can benefit from hypnosis and here’s a FREE Stress Buster recording to help.


The Rogue Hypnotist ebook

Many of Mark’s clients say “nobody can relate to what I’ve gone through, or am going through”… Mark’s autobiography shows that he can relate to almost every adversity his clients have gone through, or are going through, hence the success that Mark has with many of his clients. Mark shares his story to help others, and that’s what it’s doing.

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Therapy Services

I can help Change Your Life using a combination of Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Timeline Therapy, NLP, and other tools that I deem useful in helping you move forward in your life happier, healthier, less stress, confident, proud, and much more!