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Mark has worked with thousands of clients over the past 16 years, TV and Radio Personalities, Sports Men and Women, the wealthy, the not so wealthy, Mum’s and Dad’s, Entrepreneurs, School teachers, Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, helping them with all sorts of issues and problems. Mark’s I Can Change Your Life motto is fact not just a fantasy!

Mark has spent nearly 16 years treating clients for therapy, clients that include Sports, Tv and Radio personalities, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Mum’s, Dad’s, Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, School Teachers, the Wealthy, the Not So Wealthy, people who have had strokes and other debilitating issues and so many more, helping them overcome issues and problems that have held them back in their lives, until their therapy sessions with Mark.

Mark is a published author, speaker, and certified hypnotherapist, master nlp practitioner, trainer and professional stage hypnotist, working with and performing for some of the most well known companies in the world including McDonalds, Optus, Telstra, Snap, Mission Australia, Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Bullets, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Azamara Cruise Lines. 

Mark also has also developed his well recognised weight loss ‘Weigh Too Easy’ and stop smoking programs ‘Simply Easy Method’ which focus on not just helping clients to lose weight or stop smoking, but to control their weight and food, and remain Happy Non Smokers, with astonishing results… Forever!

Mark has run his own businesses for almost 30 years, and discovered the wonderful natural tools of mind and body through hypnotherapy 16 years ago, and that’s when his life really took a turnaround for the better in many ways, as it has for many of his clients.

Mark is renowned as one of Australia’s Leading Hypnotists, and now trains others to harness the wonderful tools and skills of hypnosis through his academy, ‘Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy

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The Rogue Hypnotist - from mindless delinquent to mindful hypnotist

Mark is able to relate to his clients on so many levels when it comes to their adversities, and that’s due to going through so many himself in his early years.

This helps Mark’s clients to realise that they can overcome their adversities too with Mark’s help through his Instant Change Therapy.

Mark’s life has changed dramatically, it wasn’t an easy road, but when Mark realised he was heading down the wrong road he came to the realisation that it had to be himself that had to make the choice to change direction in his life, and no matter what adversities he went through he kept moving forward

Published Author

Happy Non Smoker - Stop Smoking Using Mark Anthony's Simply Easy Method

Hypnotist Mark Anthony’s unique and proven ‘SimplyEasy’ method will help you stop smoking and become a Happy Non Smoker without withdrawal pangs or pains, without will power, without weight gain, without gums, patches, pills or any other replacement products or therapies. You will have have success by just following the very simple instructions outlined in this book!

Written by Hypnotist Mark Anthony, based on his very successful ‘SimplyEasy’ Seminars conducted right across Australia!